• Comply with 20 sacrifices to win.
  • Don’t lower to 0 the “popularity” meter (nor your health, of course)


  • Grab villagers from the outsides of the houses or buy pigs at the store to sacrifice at the altar.
  • Two hits are needed to grab a villager. The first hit will leave the villager running for help. If it manages to collide with another villager, it will get “upset” and it will lower your popularity meter.
  • If you’re caring a villager you must avoid touching other villagers, as they will became “upset” too and lower your popularity meter as well.
  • The god of raining boulders is angry. Boulders will rain from the sky constantly. One hit drains half of your life bar, two hits and you’re dead. Don’t forget to buy potions at the store.
  • A reptilian thief will run from left to right every once in a while. If you manage to kill him you’ll earn 50 gold coins to spend at the store.


  • Potions can be bought at the store and they will be consumed automatically when the player gets hurt.


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