Your grandpa has been cursed with the GARGOYLE'S CURSE

So you hook him up with an anti gargoyle poison machine that it's powered by a pump.

While you're protecting him from the evil gargoyle's you have to collect the amulets and keep the machine with power.

If you manage to keep him alive through the night the curse will vanish.


  • Use X to attack and pump the machine.
  • Collect 5 amulets to go to the next level.
  • There are only 5 levels.
  • If the machine runs out of power, grampa starts to loose energy
  • If the machine is above 80% of power, grampa starts gaining energy.

A game for the ludum-dare 39

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Nice one! Very challenging :)


Thanks for playing man! I had to cut it at 5 levels because it was impossible otherwise :P